Carrie White, Ph.D.

Primarily a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Dr. White works from an Object-Relations framework but also utilizes Cognitive-Behavioral techniques and Mindfulness practices. Dr. White thinks about people systemically, that is, how an individual is influenced by their environment, how past experiences impact the present, and the interplay between the mind and the body.

Dr. White’s approach is direct but also compassionate. She is non-judgmental, exceedingly present, and responsive in examining whatever you bring into the session. While empathetic to emotional uneasiness, she does not shy away from complex issues that are often swept aside because they are difficult.

Dr. White will work with you to understand various meanings behind self-defeating behaviors and the sources of emotional difficulties. She helps you to think about how you make sense of things and offers additional viewpoints to help you get unstuck. The focus is on gaining insight, developing new ways of thinking, and increasing your awareness and tolerance of emotional states. With this awareness, new abilities are developed allowing you to move forward to reach your full potential.