Carrie White, Ph.D.

Adolescence is challenging. The teen is no longer a child but does not yet have the abilities and freedoms of adulthood. Key to this stage of life is identity development and establishing a solid foundation for independence. Since teens are trying to develop their own sense of self, it is only natural that teens don't share everything with their parents. However, since difficulties are sure to arise during this stage the adolescent needs someone to turn to for guidance. Dr. White has been guiding teens for over nine years. Her experience is broad, working with adolescents in residential treatment at the Help Group in Van Nuys, CA, in private practice at the Counseling Center of Santa Monica, and in the public school system where she helped create onsite counseling programs for students at Del Rey and University High Schools. Teenagers express a sense of ease in talking to Dr. White because they feel she ‘gets it.'
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